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Ultra-Robust, Industrial-Grade X2 Capacitors

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  • Release on :Jan 10,2017
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Ultra-Robust, Industrial-Grade X2 Capacitors

TDK/EPCOS offer their EMI suppression capacitors series B32924x4 and B32926x4 with high rated voltage of 350 VAC

TDK Corporation presents a series of robust EPCOS MKP X2 capacitors for EMI suppression. Compared with conventional X2 capacitors designed for rated voltages of 305 VAC, these components offer a higher rated voltage of 350 VAC. This makes them suitable for EMI suppression in input filters and output filters of photovoltaic inverters, for example.

The capacitance range extends from 0.47 µF to 10 µF in accordance with the E12 series. Even under severe ambient conditions the capacitors are characterized by a stable capacitance, as verified in damp heat tests, in which the change in capacitance does not exceed 7.5 percent (test conditions: 1000 hours at 85°C with a relative humidity of 85 percent and a voltage of 330 VAC). The maximum operating temperature of the components is 110°C.

Features Applications
  • Increased rated voltage of 350 VAC
  • High current capability
  • Stable capacitance, even under severe ambient conditions
  • UL and EN approved
  • Complies with UL 94 V-0 standard
  • Input and output filters
  • Photovoltaic inverters
  • Capacitive power supplies
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